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Dave Matthews Band sings Sugar Man (Rodriguez cover)
Documentary of Rodriguez in South Africa in 1998
Great Balls of Fire Rock Piano Lesson
Jamie Cullum live in Jarkata
Keith Jarrett Tokio 1987
Lisa Fischer (a beautiful voice)
Lisa Fischer singing at screening
Luca Sestak's Booggie Woogie Improv
Luca Sestak's Slow Blues Improvisation -- Great
Rise of Rodriquez in Canadian Television
Rodriguez Alive (Recorded in Australia)
Rodriguez on 60 Minutes before Sugar Man won the Oscar.
Rodriquez at Zulu Records
The Evolution of Music
Udo Juergens 80th Birthday Gala - Reinterpretation of his songs
Why do we still listen to Beethoven


Al Jarreau - One Way (1988)
Amazing Bass Guitar Player
Anais Mitchell - Coming Down
Great Guitar Player
Guitar Playing like you have never seen before
House MD & Dave Matthews Piano Song
How Sting composed "Message in a Bottle"
Jamie Cullum live in Jarkata
Keith Jarret - Improv. 2 in Ab (Tokyo 2002)
Keith Jarret - Rio (2011)
Keith Jarret - The Art of Improvisation (Part 1)
Keith Jarret's "Somewhere over the Rainbow"
Keith Jarret's Interpretation of "Summertime"
Keith Jarrett "Live in Tokyo 1984 - Encore"
Louis Armstrong - "When The Saints Go Marching In" - with sexy female accompaniment
Mimi Gilbert
Mose Allison - Your Mind is on Vacation
Poet and Fastest Piano Ever
Robert Downey sings with Sting and steals the show
Roger Hodgson "Fool's Overture"
Roger Hodgson - "Give a Little Bit" (Last Song with Supertramp 1983)
Roger Hodgson - The Long Way Home (Live 2006)
Stewart Copeland on his drumming and composing
Sting and Andy Summers jamming Jazz
Udo Juergens 80th Birthday Gala - Reinterpretation of his songs
Udo Juergens Beautiful Song - "Zehn nach elf"
Udo Juergens documentation to 80th Birthday
Udo Juergens Last TV Appearance with New Song
What Andy Summers can do with his guitar


30 Blues Licks
4 Chords -72 Songs
6 Rules for Improvisation
Aimee Nolte: Chicago Blues
Blues Improvisation for the Right Hand
Blues in A, D, and E
Blues Piano Improvisation
C Major Jazz Improvisation
Chuck Leavell Blues Scale
Chuck Leavell teaches the Blues
Chuck Leavell's Warmup exercises
Chuck teaches Boogie Woogie
Cool Piano Improvisation Trick
Extend the ending of a song
Four simple cords and syncopation
Four Simple Cords C G A F
Great Blues Riff
Imagine - John Lennon
Incredible 5-year-old Piano Player
Jam starting in A7
Jazz Improvisation VI-II-V-I
Jon Cleary - History of New Orleans Piano
Junkers Blues
Left Hand Boogie Wogie Patterns
Materclass on Keith Jarrett
New Orleans Blues Piano and Songwriting Technique with Jon Cleary
Nice Little Song to Learn
Piano Improvisation - Heart and Soul
Piano Improvisation - What to Play When You Don't Know What to Play
Play any song with just 4 Chords (G,D,em,C)
Sight Reading Tips
Simple Blues Improv
Simple Blues Tricks on 3rd and 5fh
Simple Boogie Woogie Pattern
Simple Pop Scale
Surprise Boogie Woogie Player
Walking Blues Riff 2012

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12-Bar Blues
Udo Juergens documentation to 80th Birthday